3800 Ultra Flexible Die Bonder

Process Camera

proccess camera and 8 tool turret
The 3800 Die Bonder comes with a process camera for live viewing of pick-and-place processes. The sophisticated 8-position tool turret enables rapid tool changes on the fly.

Work Envelope

Palomar 3800 work area

35.5" x 20" work area with Linear Motors, Pulse Heat and Steady State Stages for Eutectic Die Attach and 2 and 3 channels of adhesive dispensing.

In-line Assembly

inline assembly production line handlers

Designed for customized inline assembly, the 3800 Die Bonder has removable side panels with a front facing user interface.

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3800 Die Bonder

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The fully automated 3800 Die Bonder offers its user the latest in design, mechanics, software and ergonomics. 

palomar 3800 die bonder

Suited for complex applications such as:

  • HB/HP LED Assembly
  • Microwave Modules
  • RF Power Amps
  • Complex Hybrids
  • MEMS
  • Laser Diodes
  • LED Printhead Attachment

With multiple options including pulsed heat and steady state stages for eutectic die attach applications, the 3800 Die Bonder meets the needs of the most unique and complex applications.